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Wamboin NSW Australia

(25 minutes from Canberra)


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After travelling all over the world to running my own Cafe at the age of 20, to becoming an Interior Designer, then onto working with Design Media to running my own events business which focused on Design and Sustainablity, I have married, had kids moved to Cairns FNQ and over a number of years my life changed dramatically and is continually changing for the better.....I now work with my souls path.  


I work collaboratively with like minded people utilising Colour and Essential Oils to create opportunities to share, learn, heal and grow.


Now as qualified Aura-Soma Practioner (completed levels 1, 2 and 3 training) and Essentials Instructor completing the Essentials training I now guide people through the journey of Aura-Soma.  In additon I'm a a qualified Charkra Balance 1 and 2 therapist and I hold a Level 1 training in Cranial Sacral work with Aura-Soma.  I have developed a 1 day training course around Chakra Balance and regularly hold training classes on how to use and work with Essential Oils.


I also currently hold a position of Elite as a wellness advocate with Doterra Essential Oils. As part of sharing the oils I have produced the Infinity Chakra Massage using the oils which is an amazing experience.  I continue to learn and share about how colour can heal and transform lives and how working with the energies of crystals and plant essential oils can bring profound life changes for the betterment of yourself and the world you create.


I invite you to collaborate with me and transform...Namaste x

Hi, I'm Cilla Maden



Collaborative Healing Offers:



-   Aura-Soma Readings / Theraphy

-   Aura-Soma Education

-   Chakra Balancing using Aura-Soma

-   Illuminating the Light Bodies Massage

-   Chakra Balancing with DoTerra Essential Oils

-   Infinity Chakra Balance 1 day course with Essential Oils

-   Deep Relaxation Massage 

-   Essential Oils Education

-   Childrens colour consults available


Empowering you to heal yourself and live a life of abundance and wellness

Allow your inner glow to shine


I just received the most amazing and relaxing massage from my beautiful friend Cilla Maden, using the dōterra essential oils. If you need a massage, get in touch with her! It was amaazzinng! Xxx

- Ashlee, Cairns

I knew I needed to have some healing massages to clear and align my chakras. What I didn’t fully realise is just how massively empowering the result would be. My Chakra and Light Body massages from Cilla can only be described as ‘profound’ experiences. They have helped me to clear, heal myself and move on like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Cilla’s massages used the Aura-Soma bottles, essential oils, crystals and other colour therapy in an incredible technique that had immediate results on the massage table! I highly recommend Cilla Maden and travel from one end of Australia to the other for her healing massages as I find her to be one of the best in her field. 

- Karen, Adelaide

Cilla is personable and professional, and makes you feel good the minute she enters the room.  Her massage therapy, skills, guidance, compasssion and genuine interest in my wellbeiing, has produced positive results with every session.  This is no doubt because of her knowledge of how the mind and body work together and her ability to use different massage methods to get results.  By far, the most healing massages I have experienced.

- Jen, Cairns

One of the best treatments i have ever experienced! I have had a lot of treatments but nothing can compare to the experience of what you have given me  Cilla xo

- Joanne, Cairns